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Clean Green Yard Machines: Commercial

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The Clean Green Yard Machines Commercial Voucher Program (Commercial CGYM) provides incentives for the replacement of landscape maintenance equipment to lawn care providers, such as public agencies and private entities in the San Joaquin Valley.

Please review the program guidelines for complete information about requirements and eligibility.

Support Materials

The District has partnered with several dismantlers located throughout the San Joaquin Valley to fully implement the program in your area. Please view the following list of dismantlers to locate a dismantler near you.


You must first be approved and receive your voucher before destroying your equipment and/or purchasing your new equipment.

Eligible voucher amount is based on the purchase price of the landscape maintenance equipment and excludes additional costs such as taxes, fees, accessories and delivery charges. Actual reimbursement of funds to applicant may be reduced depending on final eligible invoiced costs. Enhanced incentives up to $400 for edgers, trimmers, chainsaws and pole saws are available to Public Schools located within the selected AB 617 Communities
of Shafter, Fresno, and Stockton.
Please visit https://community.valleyair.org/selected-communities/
for community boundary maps.

Eligible Electric Landscape Maintenance Equipment Maximum Amount Per Equipment
Edgers, Trimmers, Chainsaws, & Polesaws 70% of purchase price, up to $200
Blowers & Vacuums 70% of purchase price, up to $250
Walk-behind Mowers 70% of purchase price, up to $750
Ride-on / Stand-Ride Mowers 70% of purchase price, up to $15,000
Additional Batteries and Chargers 100% of purchase price for up to two (2) batteries and one (1) charger per piece of equipment purchased
Funding will be limited to $25,000 annually per applicant

Voucher Process

STEP 1 Submit a completed application and supporting documentation

STEP 2 Receive a Voucher from the District

STEP 3 Purchase your new electric equipment and destroy your old equipment

STEP 4 Submit a Claim for Payment Packet

STEP 5 Own, operate and report on your new equipment

Purchases made prior to receipt of a voucher from the District are NOT eligible for funding. Please refer to the program guidelines for a more detailed explanation of the voucher process.