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Clean Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure Program: Private Use

The District has $10 million in funds for the Clean Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure Program. The Clean Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure Program provides incentive funding for new stations, conversion of existing stations, and expansion of existing stations for hydrogen fuel, and electric battery charging stations for heavy-duty vehicles. This program will support the development and implementation of private-use fueling infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell and electric battery powered zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles. This program does not provide funds for infrastructure for passenger vehicles.

Applicant Eligibility

The following types of applicants are eligible to apply:

  • Public Entities – include but are not limited to State, metropolitan, county, city, multi-county special district (e.g. water districts), school districts, universities, and federal agencies.
  • Private Entities – include but are not limited to private organizations and corporations.

For private-use only projects. All projects must be located within the boundaries of the District.

Project Categories

The District is offering funding for a new station, conversion of an existing station, or an expansion to existing station for the following categories:

  • Hydrogen Fueling Station:
    • Equipment must have at least a three (3) year warranty.
    • For private use, not open to the public.
  • Battery Charging Station:
    • Chargers must be a level 2 and higher to support non-residential charging.
    • Charger must be certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.
    • Equipment must have at least a one (1) year warranty.
    • For private use, not open to the public.


Projects will be funded on a first come, first served of a completed application basis and submittal of an application does not guarantee funding. Applicants must have a signed, executed contract from the District prior to purchase and installation of new equipment. Incentive amounts will be based on the following percentage of eligible costs:

Maximum Percentage of Eligible Cost Project Types
Up to 50% Baseline maximum for all projects
Up to 65% Projects with Solar/Wind Power Systems*
Up to 100% Public School Buses – Battery Charging and Alternative Fueling

*At least 50 percent of the energy provided to covered sources by the project must be generated from solar or wind.