• District Rule 4702
    Internal Combustion Engines

Summary of Rule Amendment Efforts

Rule 4702 controls emissions from internal combustion (IC) engines rated at 25 bhp or greater used in the Valley at facilities such as, but not limited to, oil and gas production facilities, agricultural operations, petroleum refineries, and water districts.  Under Rule 4702, IC engine operators are required to submit the number of engines at the stationary source, perform extensive monitoring and record keeping through the implementation of an Inspection and Monitoring plan, submit an Emission Control Plan, and meet emission limits/standards and compliance schedules. 

To satisfy the District’s control measure commitment in the 2018 PM2.5 Plan, on August 19, 2021 the District Governing Board adopted amendments to Rule 4702.  Adopted rule amendments lower emission limits for NOx and VOCs for several categories of engines, establish PM requirements for all categories of IC engines affected by the rule, and establish SOx control requirements for agricultural engines.  Compliance with these lower emission limits is required by 2024.  Additionally, the option of paying an annual fee in lieu of complying with a NOx emissions limit would sunset by December 31, 2023.  The adoption of these regulatory amendments satisfy the District's control measure commitment in the District's 2018 PM2.5 Plan as well as Best Available Retrofit Control Technology (BARCT) requirements under AB 617.  NOx and VOC emission reductions achieved through the implementation of these requirements will contribute towards the Valley’s attainment of the health-based federal PM2.5 and ozone standards.

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