• District Rule 4354
    Glass Melting Furnaces

Summary of Rule Amendment Efforts

District Rule 4354 limits emissions of NOx, CO, VOC, SOx, and PM10 emissions from glass melting furnaces. The District adopted Rule 4354 in 1994, and in the continuous effort to improve air quality in the Valley, the District has adopted numerous amendments to Rule 4354 that have resulted in significant reductions in emissions. 

The District’s 2018 PM2.5 Plan includes commitments to evaluate potential emission reduction opportunities for container glass melting furnaces to the extent that such controls are technologically and economically feasible.  The District will also evaluate potential opportunities to reduce emissions from flat glass and fiberglass production facilities.  The District has begun a regulatory amendment process to evaluate the feasibility of further reducing emission limits from glass melting furnaces located within the Valley.

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