The District provides webcasts of active Governing Board Meetings, Citizens Advisory Committee Meetings, and other selected public workshops on days these meetings are held.

Begin Viewing the Webcast

If you experience any problems:

  • Please confirm that you have at least the minimum available bandwidth.
  • Please check that you are connecting to the webcast no earlier than five (5) minutes before the meeting start time.

To view a webcast, please review the following points:

  • The District now provides webcasts using HTML5, which is viewable on all desktop browsers and mobile devices. On desktops, the webcast will open in a new window that is sizable with an option for full screen. On mobile devices, the webcast will open in your native media player application.
  • The minimum bandwidth required to view a webcast is 100Kb, while the recommended bandwidth is 300Kb. The higher your connection speed, the better quality you will observe. Even at a bandwidth down to 56Kb, the audio-only portion of the webstream will still be received.
  • The webcast link is only active while the meeting is in session, from five (5) minutes prior to the published start time until the meeting has concluded.