Rule 9410: Employer Based Trip Reduction

The eTRIP Rule

Worksites subject to the eTRIP rule (Rule 9410) must be able to demonstrate continued compliance with their submitted eTRIP plan by keeping documentation on site. Worksites subject to the eTRIP rule that have not already submitted eTRIP plans to the District, must do so immediately by clicking on the button below, logging in, and following the instructions on the Overview page. For detailed information about eTRIP plans and measures please see the links below.

This webpage,, will be the central internet location for news and information pertaining to the eTRIP Rule. To receive updates as the eTRIP Rule is implemented, sign up for the eTRIP Rule email list.

submit your eTRIP plan

For assistance, please contact the District’s Small Business Assistance by phone at (559) 230-6000 or by email at