Petroleum Refinery Air Monitoring

In October 2017, California State Legislature passed Assembly Bill 1647 (Muratsuchi, 2017), which establishes new state mandates for fence-line air monitoring at petroleum refineries and air monitoring in nearby communities. In response to the requirements of AB 1647, the District developed two new regulations that satisfy the new state mandates (Rule 4460 and Rule 3200).

In more detail, District Rule 4460 (Petroleum Refinery Fence-line Air Monitoring) requires subject petroleum refinery owners and operators to install, operate, and maintain fence-line air monitoring systems and make data collected by these systems publicly available. District Rule 3200 (Petroleum Refinery Community Air Monitoring Fees) requires subject petroleum refinery owners and operators to pay an initial fee to recover the District’s cost to purchase and implement refinery-related community air monitoring systems, and pay an annual operations and maintenance fee to recover the District’s community monitoring system maintenance and associated staff time. Once operating, these community air monitoring systems will provide air quality information to the public regarding the levels of pollutants in communities located near petroleum refineries.

In response to a recent court ruling from September 2021, the District is planning to conduct an additional public process to develop amendments and additional technical analyses in support of Rule 4460 and AB 1647 implementation. The District hosted a public scoping meeting in early 2022, to discuss, present, and receive feedback on potential changes to the rules. Rule development and public engagement will be ongoing throughout this process. The District plans to take this rule amendment to the Governing Board for consideration by October 2022.

More information on fence-line air monitoring is available in the following:

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Fence-line air monitoring and community air monitoring is currently required for the Kern Oil & Refining Co and San Joaquin Refining Co, both located in Kern County, CA. More information for each refinery is available in the following:

Kern Oil & Refining Co

San Joaquin Refining Co