Dust Control

Dust Control Plans

District Rule 8021 requires the owner or operator to obtain approval of a Dust Control Plan prior to commencing construction activities at any project that meets any of these thresholds:

  • Non-residential projects which include 5 acres or more of disturbed surface area
  • Residential projects which include 10 or more acres of disturbed surface area
  • Projects which involve the movement of 2,500 cubic yards or more of bulk material on any three days of the project – consecutive or otherwise – regardless of disturbed surface area.

Recordkeeping Requirements - Projects which are subject to Dust Control Plan requirements must also maintain records of the implemented dust control practices.

Construction Notification

Projects which do not meet these thresholds, but will disturb more than one acre of surface area require the submittal of a Construction Notification at least 48 hours prior to commencing any construction activities. This is comprised of the first two fillable pages of the Plan Template. See "Where to send the plan and fee" below for submission instructions. No fee nor District approval requirement will apply.
Dust Control Plan Approval Process
  1. Prepare the Plan Template. The best way to ensure that all of the requirements of the District's regulation are addressed in your plan is to use our template.
    • Please note: The individual who will prepare the plan or will be responsible for its implementation must be certified in the District's Dust Control Training Course.
  2. Attach the required maps & plot plans. A required element of the Plan is a plot plan with indications of the items listed in Section 6-A of the Plan template. This includes a vicinity map with indications of any sensitive receptors (e.g., schools, residential areas, health care facilities, etc.) within 1/4 mile radius of the project site.
  3. Pay the Plan Submittal Fee. The plan fee, as stipulated in Section 4.0 of District Rule 3135, must be paid with the Plan submittal. This may be paid by check or online card or ACH payment.  To expedite review, please attach to your plan a copy of the payment confirmation received for online payment.
  4. Submit the Plan for Review. Send the completed Plan template, plot plans, and payment (check or confirmation of your online payment) to the District Office responsible for reviewing your plan. See "Where to Send the Plan and Fee" below.
  5. Await Review Comments or Approval. The regulation allows the District 30 days from the date of submission to approve or disapprove the Plan. During this review period, the District will provide review comments and request changes to make the Plan approveable. Timely submission of the requested changes will expedite the approval. Conversely, failure to provide timely revisions will result in disapproval of the Plan.

Where to Send the Plan and Fee

The plan documents and fee (or payment confirmation) can be sent by mail or email.  Select the appropriate office for the county where the project is located.

San Joaquin, Stanislaus, or Merced County
Northern Region Office
4800 Enterprise Way
Modesto, CA 95356
(209) 557-6400
Madera, Fresno, or Kings County
Central Region Office
1990 E Gettysburg Ave
Fresno, CA 93726
(559) 230-5950
Tulare or Kern* County
Southern Region Office
34946 Flyover Ct
Bakersfield, CA 93308
(661) 392-5500
*Valley Air Basin portions
Recordkeeping Requirements

Owners and operators are required to maintain records and other supporting documents to demonstrate compliance when Fugitive Dust Control measures are implemented. The District has compiled a packet of applicable record keeping forms for your use. These records are to be retained for a minimum of one(1) year after completion of the project, except for measures implemented at Title V stationary sources, where records must be retained for five(5) years.