Rule 9410: Employer Based Trip Reduction

Who is subject to the eTRIP Rule?

The eTRIP Rule can apply to worksites in incorporated cities with a population of at least 10,000 people OR worksites where at least 50% of all employees work at least 2,040 hours per year. See the eTRIP Applicability Worksheet for more information.

Out of the worksites that meet these criteria, the eTRIP Rule applies to employers with at least 100 eligible employees at a worksite. For the eTRIP Rule, a worksite includes any satellite buildings within one mile of a central location. This Eligible Employees Worksheet can be used to help determine whether a worksite meets the 100 Eligible Employee threshold.

In determining the number of eligible employees an employer has at a worksite, there are several types of employees who are excluded employees:

  • Employees who do not report to work between 6 AM and 10 AM
  • Part-time employees who work fewer than 32 hours per week
  • Emergency health and safety employees – employees with an authorized emergency response vehicle, or any sworn peace officer or firefighter
  • Seasonal employees who are employed less than 16 consecutive weeks
  • Employment agency personnel
  • Farm workers
  • Field personnel
  • Field construction workers who report directly to work at temporary construction sites
  • Home garage employees who are assigned employer-owned vehicles for commutes to and from the worksite
  • On-call employees who are required to be on-call for at least 50% of their work time per year, subject to other Rule 9410 conditions
  • Volunteers