Rule 9410: Employer Based Trip Reduction

What is an eTRIP Plan?

An eTRIP (Employer Trip Reduction Implementation Plan) is a set of measures an employer chooses that will encourage employees at the worksite to use alternative transportation and ridesharing for their morning and evening commutes. Each measure contributes to a workplace where it is easier for employees to choose to use ridesharing or alternative transportation. Employers have the flexibility to choose the options that work best for their employees and work environments, and employers also have the option of suggesting measures that are not yet on the list. Each eTRIP measure has a point value, and an employer’s eTRIP needs to meet the point targets specified in the rule.

The eTRIP is phased in over a period of three years. Phase 1 includes “Marketing” and “Program Support” strategies to increase program awareness to make ridesharing and alternative transportation easier for employees. The Phase 2 “Services and Facilities” strategy includes measures deployed in the workplace so that employees are less likely to need to travel offsite for personal business during the workday. Phase 3, “Transportation, Alternative Schedules, and Incentives,” includes a wide range of options such as comprehensive carpool and vanpool programs, monetary incentives for ridesharing, subsidized transit passes, and telecommuting.

View a sample eTRIP.