Air Quality Complaint Form

In order for us to quickly resolve your complaint,
please complete all required fields with as much detail as possible.

Helpful Tips

The more detail you provide regarding the air quality issue you are describing, the better able District staff will be to follow-up on the issue. Please be as comprehensive as possible.

If you are reporting smoke from something burning, please include what is being burned (vegetation, trash, tires, lumber, etc.), if possible, in the “Description” box.

  • For example, “Looking west from the intersection of A and First Street I see a column of black smoke rising about 100’ from the road that appears to be an ag burn with tires on it.”

If you are reporting an odor, please include the type of odor (eg., rotten eggs, gasoline, oil, sweet, sour, smoke, etc.), whether or not the odor is currently occuring, and how often/when the odor is detected in the “Description” box.

  • For example, “At 6:30 am I smelled a strong sour odor that appears to be coming from the northwest, possibly from 1234 Main Street, City Name. It is still occurring. Today is the first day that I’ve smelled this odor.”