ERC Public Advisory Workgroup

What is the ERC Public Advisory Workgroup

In August 2020, the District’s Governing Board approved the framework for the Public Advisory Workgroup that assists in developing solutions to enhance the District’s Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) program.

The public advisory workgroup was designed in adherence with the following guiding principles:

  1. Work collaboratively to assist the District in developing enhancements related to the District’s offset equivalency system moving forward in a manner that ensures an effective permitting program that protects public health and supports economic growth and development in the Valley.
  2. Provide for meaningful public engagement in support of enhancements to the District’s offset equivalency system.
  3. Ensure process does not impede the District’s ability to meet legally mandated deadlines and timeliness.

To ensure board participation, the workgroup is formed by appointees by the Executive Director/APCO with three representatives from Valley community-based organizations, three representatives from Valley regulated entities, and three members from the Citizens Advisory Committee (one each from Environmental, Industry/Agriculture, City interest groups) and representatives from the federal EPA and CARB.