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Program Overview

The District is currently accepting applications for bicycle infrastructure projects, including Class I (Bicycle Path Construction), Class II (Bicycle Lane Striping), or Class III (Bicycle Route) projects.  The program provides funding to assist with the development or expansion of a comprehensive bicycle-transportation network which will provide a viable transportation option for travel to school, work and commercial sites.  For more information about the program, please review the program guidelines.


The eligible incentive amount will be determined using the most recent California Air Resources Board (ARB) calculation methodology for cost effectiveness and emissions reductions.  To view the ARB’s most recent methodology, please visit:


Funding for this program is limited to municipalities, government agencies and public educational institutions located within the boundaries of the District.

The Maximum Funding Levels for
Qualifying Bicycle Infrastructure Projects are:

Project Categories Maximum Incentives
Class I Bicycle Paths/Trails Up to $150,000 per project
Class II Bicycle Lanes Up to $100,000 per project
Class III Bicycle Routes Up to $100,000 per project