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Low-Dust Nut Harvester Replacement Program

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Program Overview

The harvesting of almonds and walnuts includes three processes: shaking, sweeping (and drying), and picking up the nuts in a harvester that separates the almonds from dirt and debris-sometimes creating a large dust plume.  The District has been working closely with representatives from the agricultural community to evaluate new harvesting equipment and practices that can effectively reduce dust from harvest activities.  This includes working with the Almond Board of California to evaluate new low-dust technology nut harvesters.

Based on the significant dust emission reductions that low-dust harvesting equipment can provide, the District is offering funding for the replacement of older, conventional harvesters or sweepers with new, low-dust technology equipment.  This incentive funding can also be packaged with our Tractor Replacement funding to upgrade your tractor used to pull harvesting equipment.

Standard Option
Shafter AB 617 CERP Option

(Currently Unavailable)

Basic information regarding the program is detailed below.  Please note that the Shafter AB617 CERP Option is currently closed and not accepting applications at this time.

Standard Option

  • Equipment must be operated anywhere within the SJVAPCD boundaries
  • Incentive amounts have been established at 50% of eligible equipment costs, up to a maximum incentive of $150,000 per unit
  • Funding limited to a maximum of five pieces of equipment per applicant

Shafter AB 617 CERP Option (Currently Unavailable)

  • Equipment must be operated on any acreage within the Shafter 7-Mile Radius Community Boundary
  • Incentive amounts have been established at 75% of eligible equipment costs, with no maximum incentive cap per unit
  • Funding is not limited to a maximum number of units per applicant