Agricultural Irrigation Pump

Engine Repower Program

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Program Overview

This program provides incentives for engine replacement (repower) of engines/motors used to power agricultural irrigation pumps.  Funds are provided on a first come, first serve basis and applicants must obtain approval and have a signed, executed contract from the SJVAPCD prior to purchase of new replacement engine/motor.  Any replacement engine/motor purchased prior to contract execution is ineligible as this is not a rebate program.

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For any questions about the program please contact us at (559) 230-5800, or via e-mail at

Diesel to Diesel Repower
Diesel/Natural Gas/Propane to Electric Repower (Includes Line Extension Option)
Support Documents

The District has partnered with several dismantlers located throughout the San Joaquin Valley to fully enact the program in your area.  Please view the following list of dismantlers to locate a dismantler near you.

In order to receive reimbursement, the following Claim for Payment packet must be completed and submitted to District Staff.  Email to:

Funding Eligibility Criteria

Funding is currently available for both Diesel to Diesel and Diesel/Natural Gas/Propane to Electric repower options.  For both options, the incentive is calculated according to the tables below.  The maximum incentive is not to exceed 85% of eligible costs.

Diesel to Diesel Engine Repower

HP Rating of
Replacement Engine(s)
SJVAPCD Incentive*
25 or greater 85%

Diesel/NG/Propane Engine to Electric Motor Repower (with Line Extension if applicable)

HP Rating of
Replacement Engine(s)
SJVAPCD Incentive*
25 or greater 85% + 50% of
line extension fees
(if applicable)

*Maximum eligible incentive amount is calculated up to the cost-effectiveness limit and may not necessarily reflect the maximum funding amount based on the aforementioned funding tables

General Eligibility Criteria

  • Existing engine must be in compliance with the District’s Rule 4702 (Internal Combustion Engines – Phase 2), ARB’s Stationary Diesel Engines Airborne Toxic Control Measures (ACTM) and ARB’s Portable Diesel Engines ACTM
  • Engine/motors must operate 75% of annual hours within the SJVAPCD boundaries
  • Existing engine must be rated greater than 25 horsepower
  • Be a stationary or transportable off-road industrial engine