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Program Overview

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP): 9/5/2019 - 10/21/2019

The Farmer Agricultural Tractor Trade-Up Program provides incentives to pairs of applicants whereby Beneficiaries (owner of a Tier 0/Tier 1) will trade-up to a Tier 3 (T3) tractor supplied by Awardees in exchange for a monetary incentive from the District to Awardees for the purchase of a new Tier 4 Final tractor.  All participants must be engaged in agricultural operations as defined by the California Air Resources Board.  The District will accept complete application packets from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)/Dealers located within District boundaries for the solicitation period of September 5, 2019 - October 21, 2019.  Upon the close of the solicitation period the District will rank all projects based on their cost-effectiveness.  The District will select projects for funding based on their rank and the funds available.

The RFP solicitation period has closed


The Awardee will receive incentive funds towards the purchase of a new T4f tractor based on a dollar per advertised horsepower of the new T4f equipment, not to exceed 72% of eligible costs or 125% of the current equipment horsepower*.  Please review the following table for eligible funding amounts.

HP Category Funding Level Maximum
Funding % of
Eligible Costs
Tractor 25-74 $625/HP 72%
Tractor 75-149 $650/HP 72%
Tractor 150+ $825/HP 72%
Specialty 25-109 $825/HP 72%
Specialty 110+ $1100/HP 72%
Cotton Picker/Loader All Horsepower Ratings $925/HP 72%
Shaker/Sweeper All Horsepower Ratings $1,350/HP 72%
* If the new equipment is not available in the old equipment horsepower range or the higher horsepower equipment will result in equal or less annual emissions, the Awardee may purchase a T4f tractor that has an engine that is greater than 125% of the engine in the T3 tractor.  In such cases, the funding amount will be on a horsepower rating not to exceed 125% of the baseline horsepower for the old equipment engine. 


  • Eligible tractor/equipment must be mobile, off-road agricultural tractor with a Diesel powered engine greater than 25 horsepower
  • Must be self-propelled
  • Must be domiciled and operated annually 100% within CA and 100% within SJVAPCD
  • Must currently be in-use and in operational condition
  • Beneficiary must have an uncontrolled/Tier 0 (T0), or Tier 1 (T1) engine
  • Awardee must have a Tier 3 (T3) engine with under 10,000 hours
  • New tractor / equipment must serve the same function and perform the same work equivalent as the old tractor/equipment