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Zero-Emission Ag Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV)
Voucher Program

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Program Overview

The Zero-Emission Agricultural Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Voucher Program provides monetary incentives for the replacement of existing diesel or gasoline-powered UTVs and tractors with less than 25 horsepower with new, zero-emission UTVs to qualified individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations involved in California agricultural operation as defined by the California Air Resources Board.  Funds are provided on a first come, first serve basis and applicants must obtain a signed voucher from the SJVAPCD prior to purchasing new equipment.

Application Process
  1. Applicant submits complete application packet to District staff (via mail, email, or fax)
  2. District staff issues Voucher to applicant
  3. Applicant purchases new equipment and pays in full
  4. Applicant takes old equipment to a District certified dismantler
  5. Applicant submits a reimbursement packet to District
  6. Reimbursement is provided by the District, typically within sixty (60) working days


  • Up to 75% of the eligible cost of new equipment, with a maximum eligible funding amount of $13,500
  • Eligible costs may include base vehicle, roof, windshield, or doors as well as an extended warranty
  • Eligible costs do not include additional batteries


  • The existing (old) equipment must be a self-propelled all-terrain vehicle (ATV), utility terrain vehicle (UTV), or a tractor with less than 25 horsepower, powered by a compression-ignition engine (diesel) or spark-ignition engine (gasoline)
  • The new equipment must be Zero-Emission - emit zero tailpipe emissions from its onboard source of power, (such as all electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles), and may not undergo any modification that would allow propulsion by any other means
  • The new equipment must have a minimum towing capacity of 500lbs and a total vehicle weight of 700lbs or more
  • The New equipment must operate one-hundred percent (100%) within SJVAPCD boundaries (click here to view map)
  • The new equipment must come with a minimum 1 year manufacturer warranty