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Restaurant Charbroiler Technology Partnership

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Program Overview

Reducing air pollutant emissions from under-fired charbroilers is an important component of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s strategy for meeting federally mandated, health-based air quality standards for particulate matter.  As a result, the District will be expanding its commercial charbroiling rule, through a public rule development process, to require use of technologies that reduce air pollutant emissions from under-fired charbroilers.

To Participate

For more information, please fill out an interest card.  For any questions on the program, please contact the District’s Technology Advancement Program staff at (559) 230-5800, or email technology@valleyair.org

Substantial Funding Available for Valley Restaurants!

To further demonstrate the successful use of control equipment in the Valley, and to ease the financial burden for Valley businesses that wish to install control equipment before it is required by District Rule 4692 (Commercial Charbroiling), the District is currently offering substantial incentive funding.  Participating restaurants will be provided funding for the full cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining installed systems during a demonstration period covering two years of operation.  Participating restaurants will be allowed to keep the equipment after the demonstration period has concluded.