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Zero-Emission Landscaping Equipment Voucher Program

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The Zero-Emission Landscaping Equipment (ZELE) Voucher Program provides incentives for San Joaquin Valley landscapers, public agencies, and businesses that perform their own landscape maintenance, to replace their old gas-powered landscape equipment with new electric options.

Please review the program guidelines (English | Spanish) for complete information about requirements and eligibility. Funding for this program is not a rebate. The applicant must not purchase any new equipment prior to obtaining an approved voucher from the District or their project may be deemed ineligible. Applicants are encouraged to wait to dispose of any old equipment until receiving an approved voucher.


Support Materials

The District has partnered with several dismantlers located throughout the San Joaquin Valley to fully implement the program in your area. Please view the following list of dismantlers to locate a dismantler near you.

Eligible Equipment Funding

Maximum funding levels are identified in the table below grouped by equipment type, and include the cost of additional batteries and chargers. Small business and public agency applicants may be eligible for up to 100% of the cost of new equipment, while large businesses may be eligilble for up to 85% of the cost of new equipment.  Maximum funding amounts may be reduced for large businesses to ensure the 15% cost share requirement is met.

Enhanced funding levels are available for public schools located within the selected AB 617 Communities of Shafter, South-Central Fresno, and Stockton. These public schools can receive 100% of the purchase price of up to 2 batteries and 1 charger per piece of new all-electric equipment purchased. Please visit www.community.valleyair.org to see if you qualify.

Voucher Process

STEP 1 Submit a completed application along with supporting documentation

STEP 2 Receive a Voucher and Claim for Payment Form from the District

STEP 3 Purchase your new equipment and destroy your old equipment

STEP 4 Submit a Claim for Payment Packet

STEP 5 Own and operate your new equipment for 36 months