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Replace your old wood- or pellet-burning device with a new, cleaner option! The Burn Cleaner Program helps reduce particulate matter that comes from older wood-burning devices that contribute significantly to air pollution in the Valley during the Fall and Winter months. The replacement of existing gas and electric heating devices are not eligible under the program.

Please review the program guidelines for complete information about requirements and eligibility.

For any questions about the program, please contact staff at (559) 230-5800, or via e-mail at grants@valleyair.org.

How to Apply to Become a Participating Retailer

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is seeking applications from interested hearth retailers located in the San Joaquin Valley Air Basin (SJVAB) that wish to participate in the Burn Cleaner Wood Stove Change-out Program as a contracted retailer. Contracted retailers assist this voucher program by selling eligible new and cleaner-burning devices to San Joaquin Valley residents.

Residential Wood Smoke Reduction Program

If you purchased a new certified wood or pellet device through the Burn Cleaner Program, take advantage of more burn days by registering your device.

Participation in the program occurs in three phases:

  1. Voucher Application – Submit a complete application and all required documents to the District for voucher approval.
  2. Voucher Approved – Present your approved voucher to a participating program retailer and purchase and install your new device.
  3. Voucher Redemption – Redeem your voucher by submitting a complete Claim for Payment Packet to the District, and the District will reimburse you for eligible costs, up to the approved voucher amount.


The most recent amendments to the District's Rule 4901 requires stricter residential wood-burning curtailments for three counties considered "Hot Spot" areas in the San Joaquin Valley: Madera, Fresno, and the Valley Air Basin portion of Kern. Due to stricter curtailment thresholds and to encourage participation, enhanced incentives will be provided for eligible participants in those counties. In addition, as part of its requirements under Assembly Bill 617 (AB 617) to implement additional measures to reduce air pollution in disadvantaged communities, the District is providing enhanced incentives to participants who have residences located in the AB 617 selected Stockton Community and have access to piped natural gas. To verify if your residence is within the AB 617 Stockton Community boundaries, please visit the District's AB 617 Stockton community website.

The eligible incentive amount is based on the physical address, or device address, of the old wood-burning device that will be replaced through the program, and whether the residential property is in an area that has access to piped natural gas.

Smoke Ready California


The old device must be located at a residence within the District's boundaries. Applicants must submit an application and obtain an approved voucher from the District prior to purchasing the new device. The eligibility of the new device is based on the old device type, location of the old device and if the residence has access to piped natural gas.

Smoke Ready California